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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FW61PSUV40 In the latest episode of the garage life the guys are waiting for parts to arrive back for Shanes Mazda Rx7. In the meantime, they finally start on the Mk2 Gti Golf project. They get the car on the ramp to see how bad the rust is and it the project worth doing... make sure to subscribe to channel to keep up with the latest

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Am I right in saying I saw Freshfix before? Yes, you are correct, Freshfix did live before way back in 2010 but let me fill you in what happened and why we went off the map for a short time. Back in 2010 while in college the likes of Juiceboxforyou was the only real Irish blog showcasing the Irish scene. I was fascinated and wanted to start my own blog but try to focus on the VAG scene. At the time I was a member on Vagdrivers.net,I pitched my idea’s to its members and the name Freshfix was created. For...

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If you are in anyway a car nut you'll probably already know about Mighty Car Mods, RoadKill and the likes of Car Throttle etc. But if you keeping digging through Youtube you can find plenty of hidden gems. Here are our top 5 car channels to subscribe to on Youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXDMpuwHmS0 DannyDC2 I came across his channel after he made a video of his crash at the Nurburgring when the fuel tank fell out of his Dc2 at high speed! If you are a track day nut who enjoys double clutching and some heel toe action then you will enjoy...

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I know everyone is on Youtube nowadays but I just wanted to let you guys know Freshfix are too! Not everything I do will be uploaded to the site so if you do want to keep updated you can subscribe to the channel here . If you are on youtube or have your own personal channel comment below so we can check it out and subscribe. The channel is a bit like a homemade soup...there is a bit of everything in it. I used the youtube page as a personal page along with using it while I ran the JustForFun...

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