I have done 10-15 days before this and it was the best run day in a long time. Everyone friendly and no clicks between people which you can sometimes find at club trackdays.



By far the best ran track day I have ever been at, well organised , use of garages, friendly environment makes it a brilliant day out! Also the use of ‘Novice X’s’ for beginners is such a good idea



Brilliant! Absolutely loved it! I got this as a present after not doing a Mondello track day in a good few years. Rob is a fantastic instructor, I thought I was alright but within a few laps I was getting faster and faster. The Civic is mighty craic as well especially when you get used to it. Thanks very much lads. On the look out for something track worthy for myself now so I can join in the fun again as soon as possible.



I’d never driven on a race track before but this was something i always wanted to do but neverhad a car i’d be willing to take on track. The grip the civic has is unbelievable. you drive it yourself first, then your instructor shows you what it’s really capable of!! Oh my god, i thought i was flying. I was wrong! Great experience – i’ll be back for more!



I have now done 2 hire drive sessions with Trackdays and enjoyed them both immensely. The events are well organised and run professionally and the Trackdays team are friendly and always willing to offer help and advice (and I can assure you that I need plenty of both !) Give these guys a try - you won't regret it !
Great day out, cheap & well organised what more could you want


Really well organised very helpful people. Great atmosphere enjoyable day no matter what the weather



This event was fantastically run. If you're a beginner like myself, you get to go out with a driver to show how and where to overtake, which I found the most intimidating part of the day. Once you're out it's nothing but fun from there on. Very professional bunch and a good laugh too! Highly recommend doing this once in your life and cannot wait for the next day!


Really well run events. Always fun and the organisers are extremely helpful. For anyone looking to start partaking in track days, these guys are without a doubt the best. The tone of the events are always relaxed. Couldn't recommend them enough.