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All Blog Posts, Category_Blog Posts, Category_Recent Posts, Category_Track Day Information - Like all things garage related things dont go to plan. In this video the team remove the engine gearbox and diff from the Mazda Rx7. The engine is going for a rebuild after 3 years of racing. The gearbox...well stay tuned The diff is just going back to a standard Mazda diff to suit the ratios of the new gearbox. You can subscribe to the guys here - They are also on instagram -

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Am I right in saying I saw Freshfix before? Yes, you are correct, Freshfix did live before way back in 2010 but let me fill you in what happened and why we went off the map for a short time. Back in 2010 while in college the likes of Juiceboxforyou was the only real Irish blog showcasing the Irish scene. I was fascinated and wanted to start my own blog but try to focus on the VAG scene. At the time I was a member on,I pitched my idea’s to its members and the name Freshfix was created. For...

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Autoheros is held by the Irish Drift Championship. Its the time of the month when everyone gets together in Mondello park and hits the track in the grip session, drift session or even in the static show. I was doing the shakedown for the Ek civic so didn't get too much time but here is a quick glance on the day. Photo Credit Cian Leonard : The Low Life

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