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If you've been to any of our trackdays, chances are you've seen Martin Tierney's Celica 190 vvtli. This thing has done nearly as many track days as we have! Now on his 19th day, you certainly can't argue that Martin has got value out of the car! With close to 200bhp, a close ratio box and a diff, the Celica's make a great base for a track car with very few mods. However, they have a bad reputation for blowing engines due to oil starvation and as such can be picked up cheaply (for about a grand or thereabouts) and...

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Word association is a fabulous thing, and entirely subjective to personal taste, education or interest. It’s the natural reaction of bringing any number of random thoughts to the forefront of your mind at even the slightest stimulus. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, and its study can tell all manner of things about a person. Play word association as a petrol head and it’s likely to conjure up vivid insights into car culture at large. Say Honda to someone with a lust for all things JDM, and chances are the word Civic will pop up much quicker than something like Prelude or...

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