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Track days are unique in that they have their own set of rules and regulations, which are completely different from any other form of Motorsport or on-track activity, so we thought we'd write a quick post about track day etiquette and in-particular the rules around overtaking.  A track day is a bit of a balancing act, while we want the day to be as enjoyable as possible with as few restrictions as possible we also need to ensure it's as safe as possible and to do that a few rules are required. The other thing to remember is that a...

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"What Modifications does my car need to take part in a track day?" That's a question we get asked quite a lot here at we thought we'd answer it! In short, not a lot. I think the assumption is that you need a bunch of performance and safety mods to bring your car on track and it seems that a lot of people with standard road cars are actually put off trying out a track day because they think their cars are not suitable or just won't be fast enough but that's simply not the case.  Assuming you have...

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Ahh the black art of tyre pressures! In motor racing circles, up at the sharp end where championships are at stake, tyre pressures are a closely guarded secret – just ask our co-founder, Stephen Kershaw. A few years ago when he was winning championships in Formula Vee he kept a little black book, not of phone numbers but of tyre pressures! He has pages and pages of notes relating to how his tyres performed relative to the weather conditions, track conditions, damper settings and all kinds of suspension set up variables. Luckily with track days we’re all just here for...

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