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Ahh the black art of tyre pressures! In motor racing circles, up at the sharp end where championships are at stake, tyre pressures are a closely guarded secret – just ask our co-founder, Stephen Kershaw. A few years ago when he was winning championships in Formula Vee he kept a little black book, not of phone numbers but of tyre pressures! He has pages and pages of notes relating to how his tyres performed relative to the weather conditions, track conditions, damper settings and all kinds of suspension set up variables. Luckily with track days we’re all just here for...

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If you're part of any track day or car enthusiast forum or group you'll probably be aware there are three conversations that come up time and time again and they are as follows: What are the best track day tyres? What are the best track day brake pads? What is the best track day engine oil? The answer to all of these questions of course is that there is no 'best' - it's all circumstantial, all based on your own specific requirements, budgets and many other factors. However, over the coming weeks we shall do our best to dispel some...

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