Yokohama Advan A050 Track Day Tyre

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The new Yokohama Advan A050 is the replacement for the legendary A048 track day tyre and is currently 'the track tyre to have'
Yoko A050's are the new control tyre for the Fiesta ST race series at Mondello Park and they are about a second a lap quicker than the outgoing A048's on the National circuit.

The tread pattern of the A050 has been optimized to improve the tread block nose and shoulder heat distribution. Centre nose heat has been accelerated while shoulders generate less heat. This provides improved control over performance deterioration even at high temperatures. Instead of the sharp-edged tread grooves of the A048, the A050 has grooves with rounded groove edges, laid out in continuous lines. These rounded grooves help disperse the load input from the road surface, which prolongs the life of the tyre.