Half Day Arrive & Drive, Track Car Hire Package Inc Tuition

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Our half day arrive & drive track car hire packages include tuition, fuel, tyres, full technical support and helmet hire so you really do just arrive & drive! All you'll need is your drivers licence!

The Cars:

Our fleet currently comprises of Mini Cooper's and Honda Civic's. All are fully track prepared with the latest racing bucket seats, four point safety harnesses, stripped out & lightened interiors, uprated suspension and brakes and sticky track tyres.

The Civic's & Mini's are perfect cars to learn in as they're not too fast as to be daunting but fast enough to keep you entertained...and when driven well, they're quicker than most cars out there!

The choice of cars is purely on a first come, first served basis and if any car is out of action we may use any of the others.

With the half day arrive & drive package your instructor will have plenty of time to asses your driving and will be able to offer quite detailed advice on all aspects of your track driving. Initially your instructor will sit in the passenger seat while you drive. In certain circumstances it may be beneficial to your tuition for the instructor to drive for a lap or two to illustrate certain certain points. Once your instructor is happy that you have a good grasp of driving on track you will be allowed on track on your own.  Your instructor  will continue to be available for the remainder of your session

Our half day arrive & drive packages are great if you’re serious about improving your driving or if you want to get out on track but don't have access to a suitable car