Track Day Drivers Briefing

Written by: rob king



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At the start of any car trackday there will always be a drivers briefing. It's mandatory for anyone going on track as a driver or passenger to attend the briefing, even if you've done hundreds of track days or races before, you still need to attend as there may be some critical information, specific to that particular day - Plus at our track days it's when we hand out any free swag we may have and announce competition winners! 

For newcomers there's also quite a lot of information to take in so we thought it would be a good idea to post our 'standard' briefing notes here on the website as well so you have plenty of time to digest it all prior to the track day. 

The video below outlines the most basic and important rules of the trackday.

What is a track day? A track day is a fun event that allows you to drive your car on a race track in a safe environment. Track days are open to anybody over 18 with a full drivers licence or current competition licence (You will need your drivers licence to sign on regardless of track experience).

Any car that is in good, safe working order can be used. Trackdays are non-competitive, there is no timing, no drifting and absolutely no racing. A track day offers the best value for money you will find in terms of track time in any form of Motorsport but the trade-off for that is a bit of compromise for you the drivers as a track day has to cater for a broad spectrum of driver experience and car performance. If you’re an experienced driver in a quick car, accept that you will have slower, less experienced cars in your way. You need to be patient and give them room. If you’re in a slower car or are less experienced, accept that you need to keep a close eye on your mirrors and that you will need to move over and let faster cars past.

trackd driver

Sign on: To take part in a track day as a driver or passenger you must be signed on and have your drivers or passengers wrist bands. Wrist bands will be checked by the pit lane marshal. To sign on you will need your driver’s licence, without it you will not be able to take part! Passengers: All passengers must be signed on and over 18. Only 1 is passenger is allowed per car at any one time. Passengers and drivers must wear crash helmets which must be properly secured. Insurance: Your road insurance will not cover you on a track day. If you have an accident involving another driver you will need to sort it out with them. Alternatively, there are a handful of UK based companies offering specific track day insurance. You and your car:

  • All cars must be able to start on the key or button. If you spin off and your car won’t restart you must prove your car will start before being allowed back on track.
  • Noise testing will take place before you go on track. Anyone over 105 db will not be allowed on track.
  • Towing eyes must be fitted to all cars.
  • Mondello Park or will not be held responsible for any damage incurred during the recovery of vehicles.
  • Helmets must be worn and be strapped at all times.
  • Windows must be at least halfway up at all times
  • No one under the influence of drink or drugs is allowed on track & no alcohol is allowed on the premises.

Flags: There are marshals out on track for your safety and to monitor driving standards. All marshals have a yellow and red flag. The finish line marshal also has a blue flag, a black flag and a chequered flag.

  • Yellow flag: The yellow flag means there is an incident at that corner so slow down and no overtaking.

  • Red flag: The red flag means the session has been stopped so slow right down and make your way back to the pits. If you cause a red flag the session will remain under red until you are back in the pits.
  • Black flag, The black flag is shown for driving standard issues or mechanical issues with your car. If you are shown a black flag you must immediately come in the back gate and report to the pit lane marshal to find out why you were brought in. If you receive 2 black flags for driving standards you may be sin binned or sent home.
  • Blue flag: If you are shown the blue flag it means that you must move over to let a faster car or cars past.
  • Chequered flag: The chequered flag means the session is over and you must return to the paddock via the back gate.

Track entry and exit: Entry to the circuit is by the pit lane exit only. When coming in off track you may come in through the pit lane or the back gate.

So that's the general gist of what you'll hear in a drivers briefing at a track day. If you've read all this and are attending a track day you still need to attend the drivers briefing! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch via the Contact Us page