Driver Coaching: 1 Hour

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The best investment you will ever make when it comes to track days or racing isn't on engine upgrades, new anti-roll bars or those expensive 6 pot calipers you've had your eye on, it's in yourself. Driver coaching, track day tuition or whatever you want to call it, is without doubt the best value for money you can get when it comes to going faster on track.

As the saying goes:  "The easiest nut to fix is the one behind the wheel!"

At we have the some of the fastest racing drivers and most experienced instructors in the country on hand to help you achieve your goals on track. Whether that's to simply go faster, drive safer or limit the mechanical stress on your car, our instructors will be able to help.

Driver Coaching can be booked in advance and is a great idea if you're serious about improving your driving. The ideal time to book  tuition is in the morning because you can then put everything you've learnt into practice in the afternoon session. Our instructors will have plenty of time to assess your driving and will be able to offer quite detailed advice on all aspects of your track driving. For the most part our instructors will sit in the passenger seat while you drive. In certain circumstances it may be beneficial to your tuition for the instructor
to drive for a lap or two to illustrate certain aspects of track driving. This would be at the instructors discretion and only with the car owners permission.